my new obsession (I mean what)


My plans for this weekend are as follows:

  • See Tron: Legacy in 3D tomorrow (Garrett Hedlund in 3D YESPLEASE *drool*)

  • Saturday: go see it again, normal this time, with my mom :)

So fucking help me I have not been this excited for a movie in YEARS XD
my new obsession (I mean what)

RP rant - no one you know and keywords relevant

I am just about ready to explode, seriously.

There's this guy in one of my IRC games, and I swear he is one of the most inconsiderate people I have met. He doesn't even have the common courtesy to ask if I'm busy before he starts throwing his character at mine. (I'm seriously starting to regret my char's agreeing to date his). And when I bring it up to the head GM she says I'm fucking overreacting! Fuck that I'll overreact if I want to. -.-